The MG_INC Orchestra is the first Italian ensemble born thanks to crowdfunding campaign, founded by two young musicians, Myriam (21 years old) and Guido (28) in order to create a really unique and unusual musical proposal. The ensemble debut concert has been played on 12th October 2013 at the Auditorium del Carmine in Parma: here they played the premiere of "Cantu Smaraudu: musica per Myriam e Guido" by Luca Tessadrelli, a concerto especially composed for this event. Despite its recent formation, the MG_INC Orchestra has played on stages alongside with prestigious international artists as Ulver, at the sold-out event at Teatro Regio in Parma, together with Arisa in the live broadcast at the italian national television and in the premiere of “Chirality - Virginal Coordinates 2015” with the american composer and violist Eyving Kang that defined his work with MG_INC Orchestra “one of the best experience in my life”. Stood out for its exceptional artistic quality, the MG_INC Orchestra operates with the aim of promoting young talents and to make known to the world the contemporary music with a young and dynamic approach through the commission to composers of Fantasies on the most famous themes of the classical repertoire, but also with compositions written especially for their ensemble and welcoming artistic collaborations at 360° in order to develop new and cutting-edge projects thanks to the possible use of live visuals and electronic music. The absolute malleability of the instrumental choice and the possibility of being able to satisfy any request for customization maintaining always a very high quality standard make the MG_INC Orchestra the only ensemble in a position to meet any requirements, from small ensembles to symphony orchestra the most important occasions. Really important is the use of the new technologies: beyond the crowdfunding, also the selection of the musicians it’s done with the use of the latest media and social networks. 


The idea comes from the reflection emerged in a period of severe crisis where young people decide to leave Italy in favor of foreign countries where there is a greater focus on cultural projects. The basis of our proposal is the notion that a country can lift itself from the tragic situation only investing in new generation and culture, promoting greater circulation of ideas that will improve the quality of the work expectation for the young Italian talent and quality of life of every citizen. Central is the use of new technologies: in addition to the crowdfunding campaign for starting the project, the selections of the orchestra were made using new methods of communication. The MG_INC Orchestra is founded and managed by Myriam Farina and Guido Ponzini within MG_INC Cultural Association which was created specifically for this project. Through a careful artistically selection, the MG_INC Orchestra aims to play music exclusively linked to the present day, promoting the production of new works (with competitions for young composers and conductors) and collaboration with established artists in the field of musical research. The MG_INC Orchestra is not a simple ensemble, but a concrete proposal to revolutionize the music production process, promoting an art "km 0" (quoting a term that indicates the current production of genuine raw materials and without costs), providing unique experience for the audience and the musicians involved, which is marked by a strong desire to participate in something unique and new.